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Reinvigorating Brand Loyalty through Trust, Purpose and Values

How Brands Are Leading with Empathy, Support & Transparency to Meet New Consumer Needs
Reinvigorating Brand Loyalty through Trust, Purpose and Values

“2020 was a tipping point for stakeholder capitalism. Consumers were watching as brands responded (or lacked response) to the pandemic and social justice movements. You’ve heard of the Attention Economy and the Sharing Economy, 2021will usher in the era of The Values Economy, where brand values matter to the consumer just as much as price, product, and promotion.”

– “Welcome to the Values Economy,” Study conducted by Vrity, and Toluna (December 2020)

New Drivers of Customer Loyalty

Moving beyond Corporate Social Responsibility, how can brands create value, community, and trust for consumers?

This report from PSFK and Toluna addresses the key brand health metrics brands need to be agile enough to keep pace with consumer change and inform your future decision making.

Future relevance and vitality

Future relevance and vitality

Determine how your brand is performing against another consumer expectations moving forward including creating a sense of excitement and belonging for consumers.



Create a two-way dialogue and take on consumer feedback and ideas for messaging, and offerings.



Benchmark against key competitors to ensure that you’re differentiated and have a clear position in the market.

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Key takeaways from this report:

  • Key shifts within the brand landscape

  • New drivers of customer loyalty

  • New themes & trends

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