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Behavioral Data: Changing the Way Companies Understand Their Consumers

Veröffentlicht am Jul 14, 2020

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Understanding online consumer behavior is easier than ever with Toluna’s proprietary and patented behavioral data technology, a single-source permission-based solution that provides unprecedented real-time insight into online and mobile consumer behavior.

Online behavior tracking has often relied on claimed actions by study respondents—a method that puts a lot of trust in the accuracy of respondents’ memories. Now, companies can track consumers claimed online behavior and their actual online activities, whether desktop, laptop, or mobile.  Behavioral data provides actionable insight you would not obtain through another research

Used alone, or with other research methodologies, Digital Tracking provides the most robust insights available in the market today to help drive intelligent business strategies. With it, brands can optimize marketing channels, gain a greater understanding of their target market, validate ad spending, and assess competitors’ brand impact by uncovering consumers‘ ever-changing online usage patterns.

Tracking Website Visits and Much More

Behavioral data provides much more than reporting website visits. Members of Toluna’s permission-based behavioral data Influencer panel use proprietary software to capture a wide range of data, including:

  • Device information (device type, make, model, cellular network, ADID)
  • Websites visited and domain-level data (HTTP and HTTPS)
  • Full URLs
  • Apps installed
  • Amount of time spent on websites, apps, and the time of the day
  • Search behavior and search terms used
  • Purchase information for some of the world’s biggest retailers
  • Panel demographic information

A Game-Changing Solution

Toluna’s behavioral data is a game-changing solution that can deliver real business impact for large brands.

Customer Journey

Behavioral data helps brands determine how target consumers find them and their competitors, while accurately mapping the route consumers took to get there. For example, did a consumer visit a brand site and then switch to Amazon to make the purchase? What other sites did they visit and what was the path to the final action?

Digital Segmentation

Behavioral data allows companies to see online daily routines, time spent on apps and sites per vertical, top apps by usage and much more. Digital segmentation also seeks to understand what consumers do during the day and/or at night online and the top online categories they’re consuming. Behavioral data provides a 360⁰ view to develop robust online profiles and segments. Knowing where and how people are spending their time, helps brands target and increase their customer base.

Brand Insights

Brand search data helps companies understand if and how consumers are engaging with their brand and competitors’ brands by asking:

  • How are consumers searching for a brand?
  • Where are they engaging online with the brand?
  • When do they engage during the day and for how long?
  • How is the brand positioned relative to competitors?
  • How is the brand performing versus competitors with the target market?
  • Are consumers using the brand app? Is it one of their top 5 apps?

After collecting behavioral data, using QuickCommunities or QuickSurveys to engage with potential future consumers can help to clarify the “why” behind their behavior and allowing companies to grow their consumer base.

Case Study

A coffee company wanted to understand sales of coffee machines during the Christmas season and how to increase cross purchases of capsules/pods. The company wanted to observe and understand consumer search behavior and the path to purchase to optimize their investments in online marketing.

Toluna combined behavioral data, quantitative, and qualitative research studies to understand the “why” online and offline and the Research Online Purchase Offline (ROPO) effect.

The tracking started during the 2 weeks before Christmas and continued for 4 weeks after the holiday.

Surveys were launched 3 times during the tracking. A qualitative community was used to maintain high engagement and to deep dive into consumers’ opinions.

The study provided proven data to highlight the role of mobile in searches and purchases and to underscore the importance of promotional periods in driving sales. The search words used by consumers also explained how they make sense of the coffee category and search online for pods and capsules.

Toluna’s behavioral data allows companies to understand their consumers’ online behavior in unprecedented detail to better predict and anticipate future consumer needs, discern how they interact with competitors, and see firsthand how consumers navigate the online world using real-time data.

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