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Leadership Team

Frédéric-Charles Petit

Frédéric-Charles Petit

Chief Executive and Founder

Frédéric’s mission is to revolutionize the way brands and consumers engage with one another, with the ultimate objective of transforming the market research industry into a real-time, mass market, and social experience. Today, Toluna helps companies anywhere in the world make clearer business decisions by bringing brands and people together via its streamlined research platform and the world’s largest social voting community,

in Phil Ahad

Phil Ahad

Chief Digital Officer

in Pierre Camagne

Pierre Camagne

Chief Financial and Operations Officer

in Kevin Daly

Kevin Daly

Chief Sales Officer

in Marco Gastaut

Marco Gastaut

Managing Director, South Europe, LATAM & MENA

in Paul Hambly

Paul Hambly

Senior Vice President, Global Panel & Supply

in Nicholas Langeveld

Nicholas Langeveld

Managing Director, North America

in Mathilde Lelièvre

Mathilde Lelièvre

Chief Operations Officer

in Cindy Lemos

Cindy Lemos

Vice President, Global Supply

in Michaël Masset

Michaël Masset

Chief Human Resources Officer

in Ludovic Milet

Ludovic Milet

Managing Director, APAC

in Nathalie Perrio-Combeaux

Nathalie Perrio-Combeaux

Managing Director, France

in Isabel Prieto

Isabel Prieto

Senior Vice President Global Digital Services

in Cate Rubenstein

Cate Rubenstein

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

in Olivia Senneville

Olivia Senneville

Executive Vice President, Finance

in Delia Sibrac

Delia Sibrac

Vice President, Product Management

in Frank Smadja, PhD.

Frank Smadja, PhD.

Executive Vice President, R&D and Technology

in Paul Twite

Paul Twite

Managing Director, EMEA & LATAM

in Patrick Van Bloeme

Patrick Van Bloeme

Managing Director, France

in Susan Vidler

Susan Vidler

Global Chief Research Officer

in Tsahi Ben Yosef

Tsahi Ben Yosef

Senior Vice President, Product Strategy