Conceive and Create Your Metabrand with Metaverse Market Research

Published Apr 19, 2022


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Originally published by Stratégies

Here’s a riddle for you.

1. I am not in the dictionary, but I’m already a widely used word

2. I am virtual, but I’ve never been so real

3. I am everywhere, but nowhere at the same time

If your answer is the Metaverse, you are like the 41% of French people who know how to describe it, according to a recent Toluna/Harris Interactive study of 1,086 French citizens ages 15 and up. At this point, though, only 10% of respondents have even engaged with the Metaverse. How many will in the future? And what will they do? What about the role of brands in all of this? In the face of these new questions, the experts at Toluna and Harris Interactive enable you to remain one step ahead with their blend of technology, flexibility, and agility.

What exactly is the Metaverse?

Five hundred years later, the Metaverse is a realization of Thomas More’s Utopia. With this meta-universe, the idea that ‘another world is possible’ is realized … virtually. We all have the opportunity to deploy avatars of ourselves to evolve and interact within a structured, parallel world that more or less mirrors reality.

Today, 47% of French respondents say they will engage with the Metaverse—including 64% of those under the age of 35—and no one is indifferent to the subject. For the Metaverse to be complete, however, brands must invest in and commit to it through an adapted experience.

Why integrate with the Metaverse?

First and foremost, it’s important to anticipate consumer behavior and be ready once they demand interaction—or when your competitors stake out their own presence. There is also a window of opportunity to instill life, meaning, and relevance to your brand to keep pace with reality—even if virtual—rather than react to it after the fact. Furthermore, this is an exciting and aspirational innovation that enables consumers to explore and experiment with newfound freedom after two years of constraints.

Consumers are ready, too. Gaming is now intergenerational, and the digital world has developed and expanded as a result of lockdowns. Accounts and avatars are now widespread, and French citizens are investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. All that has been missing is a suitable playground—and that’s where the Metaverse comes in.

What must brands do to integrate the Metaverse?: Whether to take the plunge

Toluna and Harris Interactive help you make the right decisions at each step of the process. The first priority is to assess whether your brand and customers are a fit for the Metaverse ecosystem. Then, you must carry out tests to understand your consumers’ attitudes, usages, and expectations to anticipate any underlying challenges and shape the future brand experience.

Toluna and Harris Interactive provide you with the innovative technologies, research methodologies, and panel of over 1.8 million French people—as well as over 40 million worldwide—to conduct highly agile and efficient research. And with the Toluna Start platform, you can even carry out studies yourself. From full-service research studies to 100% DIY efforts, you choose based on your needs!

The French population is ready to venture to the other side of the mirror, and technology has now made this possible. With the help of Toluna and Harris Interactive teams—and their expertise in the continuous decryption of the real and virtual worlds—you can ensure success in the Metaverse and turn your brand into a Metabrand.

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