Harris Interactive and Toluna Deliver Accurate Estimates for First Round of French Presidential Election

Published Apr 11, 2022

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Paris, France – April 11, 2022 – Over the past 12 months leading up to the 2022 French Presidential Election, Harris Interactive and Toluna have partnered together to deliver voting intention estimates for Challenges, a weekly French publication.

The results announced by the French Ministry of the Interior on April 11th align with the team’s findings from polling leading up to the first round of the election, as well as day-of results estimates. This provides further proof of the expertise and rigor of Harris Interactive’s and Toluna’s experts, as well as the reliability of their methodologies and solutions.

On the evening of April 10th, Harris Interactive and Toluna also provided media partners—M6 and RTL—analysts, and observers with robust data and estimates to fuel their analysis and outlook ahead of the second round of the Presidential Election on April 24th.

Jean-Daniel Lévy, Deputy Director of Harris Interactive France, said, “We had over 400 people mobilized to help us estimate the results of the first round of the election. And over the last 12 months, we have interviewed more than 60,000 people in order to monitor the key topics and candidates in this campaign. With our combination of technologies and research experts, Harris Interactive and Toluna have demonstrated that it is possible to have both precise analysis over time and consistent insights in real time. I am so proud that we have been able to achieve both objectives and unveil critical insights and trends around this important event.”

In addition to voting estimates, Harris Interactive and Toluna were the only ones to interview more than 7,000 French citizens on Election Day through the “Voting Day” survey; this survey provides further insights on the electoral behaviors from the first round of the election, and is available for viewing on our website (in French).

On April 24th, Harris Interactive and Toluna will be back to provide results estimates for the second round of the election. Follow the action live on our partners’ broadcasting networks and on our social media platforms. For more information on media coverage, read along here.

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