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    Make decisions with confidence knowing that our dedicated team of experts ensures the quality of your data every step of the way.

Shaping Data Excellence:
The Power of AI, HI, and UX.

Welcome to Toluna’s holistic approach to data quality, where we combine cutting-edge AI technology, expert human knowledge, and user-centric design principles to create a unique triangle of excellence.

High-Quality Respondents: Unlocking Authentic Engagement and Representation

We leverage real-time AI checks to ensure our respondents are not only authentic but genuinely motivated beyond mere incentives. They actively engage with your surveys, delivering accurate, insightful, and representative responses.

Research Best Practices: Evolving Excellence in Every Aspect of Research

At Toluna, we're relentless in our pursuit of research excellence. Our internal 'research-on-research' program continually challenges and enhances our methodologies in research design, fieldwork materials, fieldwork processes, and analysis.

Intuitive Tools: Empowering Your Journey with User-Friendly Resources

Our user-friendly tools include helpful nudges and flags, providing best-practice recommendations to ensure your project's success. For those less familiar with research, we offer knowledge-sharing resources like 'Cheat Sheets,' Masterclasses, and tailored training.


Toluna's Holistic Approach to Data Quality eBook

Dive into our eBook to explore our holistic strategy for delivering unmatched data quality. From engaging genuine respondents to crafting mobile-optimized questionnaires, our innovative approach ensures authentic and insightful results, all fueled by collaborative expertise.

Toluna's Holistic Approach to Data Quality eBook

Engagement that Drives Quality

Meet Our Global Panel

Meet our Global Panel, where we're obsessed with engagement. The Toluna Influencer Community goes beyond survey rewards, creating an engaged community where members feel heard, respected, and rewarded, ultimately delivering higher data quality to our clients.

Data quality, the Toluna way.

At Toluna, we believe in 'Success in Unity,' and data quality is no exception. To bring you the best data, we collaborate with companies inside and outside the research industry to challenge our way of thinking, learn, and stay a step ahead of tomorrow’s data quality challenges. Here are just a few examples of how we do this:

  • We leverage technology used by world leaders in Finance, Tech, and Entertainment to detect fraudulent IP activity and stop it in its tracks.

  • We regularly contribute to initiatives with industry bodies such as ESOMAR, the MRS, and CASE4Quality to drive best practices in research.

Data quality, the Toluna way.

Data Quality Resources


Unlocking AI's Full Potential


Data Quality eBook

Cheat Sheet

Questionnaire Design

Cheat Sheet

Target Groups and Quotas

Cheat Sheet





DIY Masterclass: Building Your Own Surveys With Quality & Speed

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