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Our platform has transformed the way leading brands conduct research. Discover how clients use our agile solutions to fuel their strategies.

Video testimonials from across the globe.


Video testimonial from Andrés Sánchez-Cid Blázquez of Allianz Partners España

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Video testimonial from Alice Tagliabue, Head of Market Insights in Coca-Cola HBC

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Video testimonial from Fernando Ramírez of Playstation

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Video testimonial from Carolina Palomo of AM FRESH Group

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Video testimonial from Angela Shih, Sr. Director of Insights of Treasury Wine Estates

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Video testimonial from Zoe Kidd from Bakeaway.

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Video testimonial from Paul Thomas of Beam Suntory

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Video testimonial from Gina of Mash Media

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Video testimonial from Raúl Gordo of Omnicom Media Group

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Video testimonial from Adesoye Farinu of Reckitt

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Video testimonial from Stefano Piazzolla, Marketing Information Manager of Esselunga

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Video testimonial from Sandra Marcos of DIGI Spain Telecom

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We love our clients.
 They love our solutions

“Nós usamos a Toluna para obter um melhor entendimento sobre a percepção e uso de um produto pelos consumidores, e podemos sempre contar com eles para atender a nossa pontualidade acelerada de projeto".

A parceria com a Toluna nos ajudou a obter insights de comportamento e preferências de compras rápidos, em profundidade e mais acionáveis, além de centrados em pessoas.

“Parece que a equipe (da Toluna) vai acima e além para entregar projetos pontualmente; eles entendem a importância de prazos e a importância destes para os clientes".

Na Peroni, nós estamos encantados com a parceria com a Toluna. Adoramos o apoio constante, assim como as plataformas digitais que eles oferecem.

“Com a Toluna, nós podemos sair e elaborar um programa de pesquisa e tê-lo construído, executado, além de obtermos os insights em uma hora e meia".

“O trabalho com a Toluna nos permitiu coletar insights de consumidor valiosos e com rapidez, para direcionar o nosso desenvolvimento de novos produtos e garantir sucesso comercial. O relatório em tempo real e painel informativo realmente se destacam".

“A Toluna é uma visionária no espaço de insights digitais e gostamos muito de trabalhar com eles".

“A Toluna tem sido uma parceira vital para a CVS/Caremark ao ajudar-nos a definir e medir o que buscamos entregar como experiência de compra de cliente na loja".

A equipe da Toluna Cingapura tornou-se a agência à qual recorremos para uma pesquisa rápida.

We were using our panel week in week out, to do a sense check, to make sure our messages were right and also to try and predict which of those behaviours were lasting and which were not that was mega helpful from a planning point of view because it meant that we didn’t really get any surprises.​

We've been setting up more quick turn solutions like Toluna Start’s concept testing as well as quant and qual work with eBay’s own customers. Would normally take 4-6 weeks and are getting the insights within 48 hours​.​

We’ve seen a massive acceleration to online and that’s a change that’s here to stay. We pivoted quickly and deployed resource and spend to tracking on a large scale every week, to help shape editorial content and stay front of mind with key media agencies and other stakeholders

The ability to be able to access people so much quicker, people are so much more comfortable filling out a survey on their phone on a commute. it's a much quicker turnaround time, which the business sees the benefit.​

Last year was probably the biggest year I’ve ever seen where consumer insights came to the forefront. Now that we see the power of insights and the impact it has on societal change, there’s no going back from that.

I love using Toluna, the team has been prompt and helpful when I have needed it and the interface and result options are great, just having the ability to download SPSS or entire excels as well as the simplicity of the reporting pages for some team members is very positive

With The FA tracker running for more than two years with Toluna, The FA are able to now delve in deeper to find out the drivers and barriers of football participation by a range of different audiences.

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