Nobody is going to argue that technology is integral to how we live our lives and accomplish our work today. But, as insights professionals, if all that technology gives us is efficiency and data points, it will continue to feel far removed from the real humans we seek to serve as brands.

People are more than a set of black and white metrics, numbers in a column, or points on a graph. The decisions we make and the paths we choose are functions of our personalities, needs, emotions, and the contexts we encounter daily in real life. So how can we harness the undoubted power of technology to bring us closer to this deeper, more human understanding?

Toluna North America EVP of Enterprise, Jess Gaedeke, chats live with Linda Mielnicki Light, Associate Director Global Insights Connect and Gifting Portfolio, Mars Wrigley, and Angela Shih, Senior Director Commercial Insights at Treasury Wine Estates, to unpack:

  • Why empathy for the humans you seek to serve is critical to brand success.

  • The importance of going 'beneath the surface' to understand how your brand can truly connect during times of economic uncertainty.

  • The value of implicit measurements to uncover deep understanding of personality, emotions, and needs.

  • Available technologies that can uncover qualitative depth at scale

How Technology Can Be More Human: Treating Customers as Humans, Not Data Points


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