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Toluna Start

Unlimited access to the world’s first end-to-end, real-time consumer intelligence platform available as a subscription.

Experience the Future of Consumer Insights with Toluna Start

Unlock Automation, Quality, and Real-Time Expertise for Agile Decision-Making.


Empowering Insights Through Tech

Experience automation, scalability, collaboration, and quality with Toluna Start, the industry's first consumer insights platform. Enjoy real-time insights, flexible solutions, and trusted methodologies.


Unmatched Expertise, Tailored Service

Leverage 20+ years of award-winning expertise in research and consumer insights. Our platform offers automated solutions, interactive insights, and 100% quality results. Plus, get tailored support from our global team, available in self-service, assisted, and full-service modes.


Global Panel, Instant Answers

Access our integrated global audience, with 72+ million consumers in 70 countries, ready to provide real-time answers. Benefit from our proprietary panel, automated marketplaces, and rigorous quality controls.

Access a single source for all of your consumer insights.

Toluna Start is an end-to-end consumer intelligence platform and with a single login. Conduct quantitative and qualitative research – either through self-service solutions or through custom research programs built with the help of research and service experts.

Access a wide range of automated insights solutions covering survey design, integrated survey respondents and reporting dashboards including insights and recommendations. It’s all built in-house and integrates Harris Interactive methodologies.

You can self-serve or we can help. Launch your survey in just minutes and see results populate in real-time.

Efficiency delivered

The ease and speed of a turnkey platform offers efficiency and control.

Efficient Turnkey Platform for Researchers

Efficient Turnkey Platform for Researchers

  • Our in-house SaaS platform, designed by researchers for researchers, combines efficiency and control.

Flexible Automated Methodologies

Flexible Automated Methodologies

  • Experience advanced, customizable methodologies, leveraging deep domain expertise with rich features like timed exposure, shelf testing, and text highlighter.

Real-Time Insights and Interactive Dashboards

Real-Time Insights and Interactive Dashboards

  • Access real-time data through interactive dashboards and infoboards. Visualize consumer feedback with heatmaps and custom reports.

Access 72+ Million Global Panelists

Access 72+ Million Global Panelists

  • Engage with Toluna's expansive and diverse global community across 70 markets. Target consumers with over 200 demographic profiles.

Seamless Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Seamless Quantitative and Qualitative Research

  • Easily create communities, conduct live discussions, and follow up with survey research to gain a deeper understanding of your consumers.

Toluna Start compared to others

Benefit & Features
DIY Provides
Full Service
Scripting capabilities
Integrated panel
Real-time insights
Real-time responses
Built in quality mechanisms
Random assignment respondent
Quant solutions
Qual solutions
Analytics within platform
Insights dashboard
Template flexibility
NPD testing
Comms testing
Brand health
Key Features
Shelf, heatmapping etc

Best-in-class research solutions

We’ve coupled industry-leading expertise with technology to automate market research across key areas.

Market Understanding

The market is dynamic. Your competitors are evolving. Are they a step ahead? Understand market size, landscape and key competitors.

New Product Development

When agile product development is a must, agile consumer insights are even more important. Understand what works, refine what doesn’t, and bring successful products to market – every time.

Brand Health

Do you know what brand messages resonate with your consumers? Brands are facing unprecedented challenges – but are also presented with fresh opportunities. Consumer insights power smart and ever-evolving brand strategies.

Advertising and Creative Testing

Does your campaign creative resonate? Will it three months from now? Test concepts with your audience and adjust your strategy based on immediate feedback from your customers.

Survey Solutions

Sometimes you know what you need, and all you need is access to respondents or help with your survey. Even when it’s all about the basics, we’re still here to help.
24/7 email and phone support
The ability to customize screening questions
Advanced quota balancing by targets (and custom targets)
The ability to save quotas
Survey your own audience using email and web link invites
Instant feasibility and pricing
Instant launch and responses from Toluna panel
Quantitative & Qualitative
Standard question types *Choice, Text and numeric open ends, Matrix, Rating, Slider, Ranking, Multiple text boxes, Thumbs up (or down), Battle, Tiles, Rich text, Image, Video
Heat maps
Custom javascript question types
The ability to duplicate questionnaires
The ability to duplicate quotas and targets
Random assignment
Randomize pages and question appearance
Survey logic
Timed exposure
Price Testing Models
70+ Languages
Automated quality checks
Live Discussions
Additional fee
Templated Methodologies
Concept testing
Additional fee
Pack testing
Additional fee
Shelf testing
Additional fee
Brand health
Additional fee
Comms Pre Launch
Additional fee
Comms Post Launch
Additional fee
Share and collaborate with team members
Collaborate on and share reports with team members
Reporting & Data Visualization
Real-time analytics dashboard
Real-time infoboards with key metrics
Additional fee
Share reports internally and externally
Set permissions on shared reports
Custom weighting
Cross tabulations
Significance testing
Data exports including PowerPoint, Excel, SPSS
Survey Look & feel
Customized and branded themes
24/7 email and phone support
Dedicated customer success manager *Based on Investment

Toluna Start features

Watch our videos to learn more about the features that will transform your insights.


Text highlighter

Enable respondents to actively indicate what they like or dislike about messaging.


Timed Exposure

Test the recall of visual stimuli from 1-30 seconds to ensure your creative is memorable.


Van Westendorp

Determine the optimal price for your product to maximize sales.


Timed drag and drop

Find out which attributes are most strongly associated with your messaging.


Block pairs

Determine which concept resonates more when respondents select an option from a given pair.


Speech and thought bubble

Discover what consumers like or dislike about your creative with an engaging open-ended question format.


Live Discussions

Get real-time qualitative insights with Live Discussions.



Use Toluna Start and collaborate with key stakeholders in real-time.


Emotional Response Dial

Use emotional response dial to test your advertising concepts.

We launched Toluna Start in September 2020 with a series of exciting events and demonstrations.

Access the on-demand events below.

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