Subscriptions, monetisation, acquisitions and NFTs

in the video gaming sector
Subscriptions, monetisation, acquisitions and NFTs

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Like many other entertainment and media sectors, there is a push for subscription in the video game industry, most notably with Xbox Game Pass.

At the same time, companies like Microsoft (Xbox) and Sony (PlayStation) have recently been on a spending spree to acquire high-profile game studios, whose future games could potentially become exclusive to their new parent’s platform. Subscription success is fundamentally linked to the content available, so such acquisitions are crucially important to maximise platform loyalty.

Separately, but again related to monetisation, there has been increasing buzz and controversy over NFTs, including potential for their incorporation within the gaming industry.

This report uncovers the behaviours, attitudes and motivations on these themes among a large quantitative sample of active console and PC gamers in the US and UK aged 16-45.

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Steve Evans has over 25 years’ experience in research working with leading clients in entertainment and technology. Steve now specialises in research studies for the entertainment industry, for some of the biggest names and organisations in the video gaming, film/video and music sectors, helping launch new services and business models or providing market feedback to optimise content. Steve is a tech-head and is often brought into studies that look at cutting edge technologies and innovation. He has been a keynote speaker at numerous entertainment industry events.

About the author:

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