Agile Insights Cases for P&G Europe

Agile Insights Cases for P&G Europe

Susan Vidler, Global Chief Research Officer at ​Toluna

Video length: 13:15 mins

Susan Vidler shares the latest global research on the agile insights landscape. It answers questions such as: How are today’s MRX budgets being allocated? Where is research now focused, and where is it headed? Are internal resources a limiting factor? And what about scalability? We surveyed 395 professionals, from 25 industries, in 14 countries.​

Coca Cola

Alice Tagliabue​, Head of Market Insight at Coca Cola

Video length: 01:43 mins

“It is no longer the norm to think that the strength of our brands permits us to assume that further refinements are not necessary. There is an urgent need to prove that what will be implemented will be accepted by all our customers and will not negatively affect the brand.“ - Alice Tagliabue​ talks about Coca Cola´s change in the approach and mindset of their market research.


Raffaella Bianchi​, Head of CMI at L´Oréal

Video length: 01:25 mins

“There is a change in customer behaviour, especially in our industry: the pandemic scenario has undoubtedly increased interest in the health, wellness, and beauty sectors. ​Insights are even more in demand than in the past. Not only is there a greater demand for information, but also several internal BUs are asking for customer data support. There is also a demand for greater agility and the integration of the various sources from which the data comes to give a broader picture.”


Natalie Delgado​, Global Insight & Analytics Director at Reckitt

Video length: 13:19 mins

“The partners that we want to work with are those who provide us with flexible solutions which free up time versus those which add up time and complexity” - Natalie Delgado spoke to Susan Vidler about the implications of the global agile insights research report for the industry as a whole, as well as how well it resonated with some of Reckitt’s latest insight initiatives.​

Beam Suntory

Paul Thomas, Global Insights at Beam Suntory

Video length: 13:00 mins

“If you are a client who’s trying to become more agile – don’t pitch it that ‘I can save money’, because these things snowball, and once everyone starts using it, everyone gets quite excited…” - Paul Thomas recognises the challenge of getting initial ‘buy-in’ when moving an insights function to more agile ways of working. He presents a persuasive argument as to why the move is not only beneficial but also essential for meeting current business needs.

DS Smith

Jeannine Ferguson​, Marketing & Innovation Director at DS Smith

Video length: 21:33 mins

“My challenge today is how do we farm a lot more of those insights earlier on, more cost-effectively?” - ​Jeannine Ferguson of European leading packaging company DS Smith shares her wealth of industry experience and her times at Coke and Johnson & Johnson on the imperative for business to bring consumer insight into the heart of the business and examined the benefits of getting this right.


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