Both CES and Toluna All About Convergence

Published Dec 20, 2018

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Last year in the run-up to CES, Jonathan Dalton, CEO and co-founder of product development and strategy firm Thrive, wrote, “These pivotal few days each January serve as a lighthouse, illuminating the trends we’ll see throughout the year ahead. Further, the ‘C’ in CES has become less about the ‘consumer’ and more about ‘convergence.’ As such, we predict this year you’ll see a lot of mashups: electronics and media, electronics and fashion, electronics and cars, software and hardware, home and security. But what’s most fascinating is that all this coming together also belies another convergence — one that hits pretty close to home: a reduction of the functional gap between devices and the humans that use them.”

Once again this coming January, CES promises to be all about convergence. With “the functional gap between devices and the humans that use them” closing still further over the past year, signs of the indivisible partnership between “devices and the humans that use them” will be everywhere. There on the exhibit floor will be the tangible fruit of the convergence and coalescing of nerves and synapses and 1’s and 0’s.

Convergence is a particularly meaningful term at Toluna these days. In fact, the new paradigm that is transforming our business—and the consumer insights industry/ market research —is literally synonymous with convergence. We saw this especially with the launch of Insights on Demand (IoD) this year.

Insights on Demand is best defined as the tight integration between technology and people to provide real-time insights to organizations – no matter their size or timeliness of need, with the ultimate vision of democratizing research as we know it. In fact, Insights on Demand is the amalgamation of the most advanced knowledge technologies, research methodologies and consumer insights expertise into one powerful force driving consumer insights and business-at large into the future. The definition of convergence. And our work in developing and refining the concept of IoD has led to convergence of another kind. We have brought together in the Insights on Demand Consortium senior brand marketers and consumer insight professionals from a wide variety of companies, industries, and geographies. They are working together to create a consumer insights framework for the future—one that will give businesses of every kind the tools they need to thrive in the global marketplace.

Finally, we are excited about “converging” at CES with professionals from the organizations and industries that make up our world. Each year, the event offers an unprecedented chance to share ideas with the people who—all year long—look to us for the insights that drive their businesses. What better way to start a new year?

Hope to see you in Vegas!

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