How U.K. consumers really feel about grocery packaging recycling

Published Sep 26, 2018

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Today Packaging Digest published an article on consumer sentiment in the UK regarding recycling grocery packing.

The article featured exclusive data from a Toluna survey of 1,000+ respondents collected August 2018. In light of the signing of the UK Plastics Pact earlier this year with plans to remove single-use plastic from the supply chain, Toluna launched a survey in the UK to gauge consumer attitudes and behavior towards recycling product packaging from supermarkets.

In this article, Packaging Digest cited Toluna as a company whose expertise is invaluable for brands seeking to obtain perspective on how consumers in any region feel about a certain topic. Notably, Packaging Digest lauded Toluna’s Insights on Demand for enabling businesses to attain awareness and understand constantly shifting consumer sentiment and taste in the on-demand economy. James Pickles, Director of Corporate Client Sales at Toluna, responded to Packaging Digest’s questions about the survey conducted last month. According to Pickles, the main takeaway from the survey was that “recycling and eco-friendly choices are important to consumers and that these can drive purchase decisions, and encourage people to shop differently.” In addition, he said, “most feel that companies/brands make recycling easy, but there is opportunity to stress eco-friendly packaging and differentiate.”

The full survey results can be found here:

The article, which originally appeared in Packaging Digest, can be found here:

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