Implementing Agile Usage and Attitude Tracking in TMTE

Published Nov 30, 2021

Denholm Scotford, Sector Head of TMTE at Harris Interactive

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Across the globe, consumer behaviours and attitudes continue to rapidly evolve. For TMTE (Technology, Media, Telecoms, and Entertainment) brands, it’s imperative to stay on top of these changes in order to position themselves—and their products and services—for success in the marketplace.

Consider these findings from Wave 17 of our Global Consumer Barometer, which was fielded between 16th and 21st September. Forty percent of global consumers say they’ve changed the ways that they save and spend money, and 59% say they’re open to trying a new product or service for the first time. When combined, these factors mean that TMTE brands must find ways to stay connected with consumers in real-time — or risk falling behind.

This rapid pace of change underscores the need for agile usage and attitude (U&A) tracking. Below, we’ll take a look at findings from our U&A tracking efforts—on a global level and in the UK, specifically—and discuss how leading TMTE brands are adapting.

The increasing role of brand values

In Wave 17 of our Barometer, we found that consumers are holding brands to high ethical standards. Overall, 88% of global consumers believe that brands should be accountable to them—and it’s not just lip service, either. Eighty-five percent of global consumers say they go out of their way to engage with brands that align with their values. Perhaps even more notably, 53% have stopped supporting brands that don’t.

Which values do consumers care about, specifically? Concerns around health and wellness, poverty, and environmental issues have seen the highest increase since the beginning of the pandemic.

58% are more concerned about health and wellness

53% are more concerned about poverty

50% are more concerned about environmental issues

Ultimately, U&A tracking helps brands understand which values are most important to their consumers in real-time.

Insights from our U&A tracking in Tech and Media

To understand changes in usage and attitude in TMTE, we surveyed UK consumers on the topics of media habits and mobile/home networks. When it comes to choosing mobile networks and home broadband providers, data security (75%) and respect for privacy (71%) are imperatives for UK adults. Not only are people spending more time on these networks, but they’re also engaging in more sensitive activities. Sixty-three percent of adults have used mobile banking over the past month, and an additional 62% have used their mobile phones to pay for goods.

In the realm of media, streaming services continue to emerge as a preferred platform for discovering original content and this is changing our viewing patterns such as binge-watching. Forty-four percent of adults say they primarily use paid streaming services to watch movies—the highest of any service type. Sports are also a big draw for viewers and a point of emphasis for some streaming services; thirty-four percent of UK adults say they would switch paid streaming services for more access to sport.

How leading brands are adapting

Today’s leading brands are tracking consumer behaviour more frequently and in more agile ways. With short, repeatable, flexible questionnaires that are tailored to the specifics of their sector, brands can anticipate changes and drive business performance. Some of the key business drivers and decision-making insights from U&A tracking include:

Current and future usage patterns for products, services, and brands. This includes expected versus actual usage, new trials, and switching

Consumers’ needs, motivations, and obstacles when choosing products, services, and brands

How consumers are accessing/purchasing products and services

The impact of brand values and social, economic, and environmental responsibility considerations on performance

Brand strengths and weaknesses

A wealth of profiling information that can be analysed to place findings in context and define evolving target markets

Ready to get started with your own Usage and Attitude tracking efforts? Download our eBook to learn how to fuel your brand’s success with an agile approach to U&A tracking.

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