2022 French Elections: Recapping Electoral Coverage by Harris Interactive and Toluna 

Published Jun 23, 2022

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In April of 2021, the Harris Interactive and Toluna teams began their coverage of the 2022 French electoral cycle with the publication of the first wave of the Voting Intentions Barometer conducted for Challenges. Since then, the team has conducted 54 waves in total, enabling experts, opinion leaders, and the general public to monitor opinion trends and understand the underlying reasons behind them.

With the second round of legislative elections now complete, we have concluded our coverage of the electoral cycle—which was marked by the re-election of Emmanuel Macron and the renewal of the National Assembly. The Harris Interactive and Toluna teams are proud to have provided accurate insights and predictions for these campaigns with:

54 waves of the Voting Intention Barometer, including 44 measures for the Presidential election, as well as 10 national measures and 6 local measures in high-stakes constituencies for the legislative elections

Five events centered around the major issues motivating French citizens: purchasing power, confidence in institutions, electoral behavior, and personal motivations

Extremely accurate estimates delivered at 8PM on the four election nights—whether it be national results, local results, or projection of the National Assembly

Four “Voting Day” and “Sociology of the Vote” surveys conducted on each election Sunday, each of which interviewed over 7,000 French citizens in order to understand the motivations behind each ballot places and each abstention

And many additional surveys that helped contextualize the socioeconomic aspects of the campaign

“Our coverage of the electoral cycle shows what we can build with our clients: real-time, relevant data that helps us better understand the opinions and behaviors of the French people,” said Jean-Daniel Lévy, Deputy Director of Political and Opinion Strategies at Harris Interactive. “We have once again demonstrated the power of our tools and the quality of the Harris Interactive and Toluna analysts, which gives us great confidence for the future.”

Before turning the page on the 2022 French electoral cycle, the team also asked the citizens of France for their perspectives on the country’s future, now that the composition of the National Assembly is known. This survey gives us insight into the future and opens a new cycle where the Harris Interactive and Toluna teams will continue to serve key roles by providing the latest insights on public opinion.


Toluna delivers real-time consumer insights at the speed of the on-demand economy. Harris Interactive simplifies complex decisions with critical consumer intelligence. By fusing Harris’s sector expertise and award-winning research with Toluna’s innovative tools and technology, we strive to push market research toward a better tomorrow. 

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