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Chill out. Here’s what consumers really think about CBD

Cannabis has received much attention in recent years, with medical professionals discovering its benefits and numerous dispensaries opening in states where it’s legal. Various industries use the substance in their products, including cosmetic goods, beverages, and personal care items. To stay up top of this growing market, businesses and researchers need to understand customers’ views on CBD. With Toluna, companies gain real-time consumer insights into topics that matter most at a speed that equals the on-demand economy. In our CBD survey, we questioned 1,000 US shoppers to discover their thoughts on these products. Here, we provide an overview of our findings.

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Consumers are Positive about CBD Products in the Market

As the world’s first end-to-end, real-time consumer intelligence platform, Toluna Start makes analyzing data more efficient. We utilized this platform to gain knowledge about the rising CBD product category. Overall, most respondents said they were familiar or somewhat familiar with cannabis use in products, and more than half were comfortable with CBD products being on the market. Additionally, half of those surveyed said they already purchase CBD-containing items, while a third claim they’ve thought about buying such products.

Consumers are Positive about CBD Products in the Market

What CBD Goods Do Consumers Purchase?

Our CBD studies also found that two-thirds of the respondents buy products containing cannabis weekly. The most frequently bought CBD items include edibles, skin and healthcare treatments, and drinks. Other relatively popular choices are cooking oil and CBD-infused personal care items, such as toothpaste and shampoo. 40% of the panel also mentioned purchasing CBD products for their pets.

Why Do People Buy CBD Products?

Most surveyed individuals reported that CBD goods minimize their stress and anxiety. A significant number of people also said the substance eases their muscle and joint pain and helps them cope with depression.

Where Should People Use CBD?

By and large, respondents believe CBD should be permitted in work environments, and more than half said they already use it when working. Most people also think workplace wellbeing programs should utilize CBD. The CBD survey also indicates that people consumed more cannabis products during pandemic lockdowns than before, conveying that COVID-19 may propel the industry.

What CBD Goods Do Consumers Purchase?

Insights on Marijuana Legalization

We also asked the panel about marijuana in our CBD studies. The report revealed that a relatively equal number of participants live in states that allow either medicinal or recreational marijuana use. Most people want marijuana legalized nationwide, and two-thirds are comfortable with THC products being in the market. Interestingly, while many respondents said they would use marijuana recreationally, most prefer to shop in person for THC products than buy them online.

Insights on Marijuana Legalization

Gain Consumer Perspectives on CBD with Toluna

If you’re interested in consumer opinions and insights about your company, turn to Toluna for solutions. With our award-winning research design, groundbreaking technology, vertical expertise, and a panel of over 36+ million consumers, you’ll receive relevant insights to amplify your business in the market. Schedule a demo to learn more about our industry-leading platform.

Gain Consumer Perspectives on CBD with Toluna

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