Survey multiple markets in just a few clicks.

    Build surveys targeting unlimited markets through a single, simplified setup.


Two-thirds of marketing and insights professionals tell us they’re focusing on scalability.

And that’s why they’re choosing Toluna Start, your single source for world-class Multimarket insights. Deliver powerful, high-value insights in real-time across multiple markets with the industry's first and only end-to-end consumer intelligence platform.


Start scaling smarter with:


Build and target unlimited markets through a single, simplified setup

Global Analysis

View your dataset in a single, centralized report incorporating all markets for easy analysis

Seamless Translation

Seamlessly import questionnaire translations or add them in-platform using our flexible interface

Easily Scalable

Add new markets under the same project at any time.

Maximize team efficiency across the globe.

The new, streamlined approach means less time on project setup.

  • Easily apply universal targets across all markets—or customize, as needed

  • Flexible scheduling for each market, all in one place

  • Easily analyze global results though a single, centralized report

  • Survey additional markets under the same project at any time

Maximize team efficiency across the globe.

Schedule a demo today to get started.

Don’t miss today’s insights waiting on yesterday’s tech platform.

With Toluna Start, you’ll get:

  • Around-the-clock support that boosts in-house teams.

  • Experts that make it smart.

  • Tech that makes it simple.

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