Creating Subpopulations in Toluna Analytics

Published Dec 08, 2021

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Toluna Start offers an easy-to-use web-based data visualization and analytics platform that provides access to real-time reporting to analyze results, as data populates in real-time.

One example of a popular analysis technique made easy is the ability to create Subpopulations.

Subpopulations give users the ability to identify, segment, and analyze subsets of their audience based on profile characteristics, in-survey answers, or a combination.

When creating Subpopulations in Toluna Analytics, users are able to select from four options:





Creating Subpopulations in Toluna Analytics

Select Subpopulations from the Analyze drop down menu

Choose your Subpopulation type – in this case, we’ll select “Advanced”

Drag over the Demographic and/or Survey question(s) you would like to use

Select the qualifying answers, name your Subpopulation, click “Apply” and “Save”

Your created Subpopulations will appear in your List

Select which Subpopulations you like to apply to your report

Click “Cross with all” and your selected Subpopulations will now appear in your report


Interested in more question types?

Let our team of experts help you add advanced question types to your surveys. Don’t have time to become a survey pro? Enlist our team of experts.

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