Creating Top and Bottom Boxes for Survey Data Analyzation

Published Apr 29, 2021

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Your survey is complete, and now it’s time to analyze the data. One feature that makes the data easier to read for rating questions is the “boxes” feature, otherwise known as top boxes or boxing scores. These boxes are only available for rating/scale questions. Analyzing the top and bottom boxes allows you to summarize the highest and lowest rating points for a better picture.

Expert tip: For non-rating questions, if you want to combine answer variables it’s best to use the “nets” function.

Here’s how you can create these on the Toluna Start Report page:

When on the reporting page, go to the Analyze drop-down menu and select Boxes

Select your Top and Bottom criteria. The image below shows a Top 3 and Bottom 2 setup.

Click on Apply to all. In the rating questions, you will now see the line of data for Top 3 and Bottom 2. Below illustrates a Data display and a Stacked Bars display.

To remove the boxes you created, hover over the line item in the legend. Icons will appear on the right including the option to Delete or Hide.

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