Custom Targets: Custom Screeners and Random Assignment

Published Jun 09, 2021

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Custom target

When you use one of our automated solutions or set up a custom survey you integrate your survey with the Toluna panel, one of the world’s largest with 40m members across 70 markets. We have a wide range of demographics and profiling questions you can target on that are tailored to different markets. Using these makes your survey more efficient; you don’t need to re-ask for this information as the data has already been captured from our panel members and feeds into your survey dynamically.

In addition, you can now also create your own custom targets; here you can choose any target including brand usage, usage frequency, different behavioral types. Just be aware that the more complex it is the lower the IR will be (i.e. incidence rate or occurrence in the population of those who are eligible to complete a survey) and this will increase the price. As a DIY client, you can target any audience with an IR of 10% or higher and you need to enter this into the IR box on the target page; for anything more complex we can help you set this up.

For automated solutions and custom surveys using random assignment/quota balancing you just need to choose people, you want to reach and don’t need to exclude those you don’t. Anyone who doesn’t fit your requirements won’t qualify for your survey. Below is an example of a custom target for different frequencies of buying cereal bars combined with gender and age. If you only want to reach very/somewhat frequent users you can remove the least frequent group.

When you are creating your custom targets you can choose single or multiple-choice questions. You can use answer lists, drop-down, columns, or grid-type questions. If you have more than one custom target then you can apply masking where the answer codes are automatically populated from another question; this is possible from a choice to a choice question or from a choice to a grid question. The order of the custom target questions and answer codes will be asked in the order that you set them up. Use of and/or logic isn’t possible within a custom target question.

When you save your custom target questions they will automatically be captured on the left-hand side of the target page underneath the demographic and profiling options. You just then drag and drop them into your target quotas as normal.

Overall our aim was to create one place for targeting/quota setting which is easy to use and with quota balancing to deliver a better result for your surveys. It should also save you money and time as in the past if you wanted to reach different user groups like light, medium, or heavy users in a survey and ensure quota balancing you would have needed to run separate surveys but now these audiences can be combined in the same survey with one output. Should you have any questions or need any help setting up your target page just let your Customer Success Manager know.

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