Duplicating a Survey

Published Dec 08, 2021

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An important advantage in any workflow is the ability to eliminate redundant efforts and automate processes. With the Duplicate functionality in Toluna Start, users are not forced to start from scratch when wanting to leverage or reuse previous surveys.
Additionally, the Duplicate option makes recurring research nearly effortless for users looking to run multiple waves of a project all in Toluna Start’s end-to-end platform.

Duplicating a Survey

From your My Projects page, hover over the survey you would like to Duplicate and click the vertical ellipses that will open a drop menu of options where you’ll find Duplicate.

Next, you have the option to Duplicate only your survey content and logic or Duplicate your entire survey including the audience targeting from the original

Lastly, click Duplicate and your survey duplication will be created and ready to use.

PRO TIP: Surveys, regardless of project status, can be duplicated in Toluna Start, meaning you are able to Duplicate closed, live, paused, or even pending surveys, for maximum flexibility and consistency in your research approach program.


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