Getting Started – Automated Solutions Overview

Published Jun 09, 2021

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From the solutions presented, select the option that works best for your needs. By selecting one of the automated solutions, specifically our Concept, Pack, Brand Health or Comms pre or post tests, you will be presented with a wizard from which you can build and customize your survey

Each solution has a core set of metrics from which to choose from,which were developed using expert research methodology. Our automated solutions have built-in special features like text highlighter and heatmap tools, and a high value real time infoboard as the final deliverable. The infoboard highlights KPI’s based on the core metrics and offers a great visual display for sharing with key stakeholders.

We also offer solutions for Live Discussions used to run qualitative engagements, and Branded Communities which will allow you to create your very own panel of members. 

Concept Testing: 

Quickly identify winning concepts that are distinctive, credible and will drive purchase intent.

Key Benefits

  • Fast-fail decision making with real-time feedback;
  • Find winning concepts faster — expedite decision making;
  • Rule out losing concepts early in the NPD cycle;
  • Expedite product development and time-to-market to save time and reduce risk.

Key Metrics

  • Purchase Intent
  • Purchase Intent Priced
  • Likeability/Appeal
  • Preference
  • Value for Money
  • Distinctiveness
  • Believability
  • Brand Fit
  • Importance

Pack Testing: 

Validate packaging impact and fine tune the design, features, messaging and claims to determine the most favorable mix that will drive sales.

Key Benefits

  • Expedite product development and time-to-market to save time and reduce risk.
  • Identify packaging strengths and weaknesses and measure effectiveness of overall packaging strategy;
  • Heatmap provides insights on where pack is capturing consumer attention and what doesn’t appeal to consumers.

Key Metrics

  • Purchase Intent
  • Purchase Intent with Price
  • Likeability/Appeal
  • Preference
  • Brand Recognition
  • Distinctiveness
  • Believability
  • Brand Fit
  • Easy to Understand
  • Side-by-side analysis (significance)

Comms Pre-Launch:

Prior to launch, fine-tune your messaging, claims and slogan to increase its in-market impact.

Key Benefits

  • Finalize communications (advertisements, creatives, messages, etc.) just before launch to ensure the highest in-market success;
  • Identify areas of concern and fine-tune to optimize;
  • Sets a good foundation and can attract buyers away from other competitors.

Key Metrics

  • Overall Likeability
  • Brand/Product Linkage
  • Brand Impact
  • Call to Action
  • Core Message
  • Highest Emotion

Comms Post-Launch: 

Learn if your comms campaign is delivering as predicted by measuring its recognition, brand impact, likeability and emotional engagement.

Key Benefits

  • Understand what elements of the campaign worked or didn’t work;
  • Learn how the target audience responded to the campaign;
  • Review ultimate effectiveness of the campaign versus objectives;
  • Discuss the campaign with key stakeholders;
  • Provide valuable learnings for future campaigns.

Key Metrics

  • Ad Recognition
  • Ad Effectiveness Score
  • Brand and/or Product Linkage
  • Likeability
  • Call to Action
  • Emotional Classification
  • Emotional Intensity

Brand Health:

Assess your brand’s health vs. category competitors with our proprietary Hi BrandsTM model, combining your current equity with your brand’s future relevance and vitality. Assessment can be done as a moment in time or via ongoing tracking.

Key Benefits

  • Assess future relevance and brand vitality;
  • Ensure your brand is fit for the future and to fight competitive threats;
  • Make impactful decisions faster to ensure the future health of your brand and in-market success;
  • Gain a more holistic perspective by looking beyond just static metrics.

Key Metrics

  • Hi Brand Score and ranking
  • Hi Brand Pillars: Brand Equity, Future Relevance, Knowledge, Excitement, Community
  • Marketing outcomes: Trust, Consideration and Recommendation.

Live Discussions:

Tap into real time insights with our qualitative engagement module, Live Discussions. Interact with members in a chat based forum over the course of several hours or several days. Run your Live Discussion on it’s own or as part of a research initiative to gain richer insights through a combination of quant and qual.

Key Benefits

  • Recruit the right audience using our Toluna panel and a customized recruitment survey.
  • Interact with members in real time within a chat based platform.
  • Use thumbs up, thumbs down and emojis to engage with comments from respondents on the fly.
  • Tag key ideas and concepts for easier post field analysis.
  • Review results in a real time Analytics link and a comprehensive transcript output.
  • Expedite your analysis through using our automated theming and emotion analysis approach. 

Branded Communities:

Use our Branded Communities solution to recruit your own group of members for running on demand research, 24/7. Create a custom member portal to host your engagements and use our robust panel management platform to manage your own database.

Key Benefits

  • Recruit qualifying members using a quantitative profiling survey to create a database of members available at your fingertips.
  • Use our quantitative survey solution to program your surveys and launch to a group of members, or the entire panel.
  • Run qualitative engagements to dig deeper into the minds of your members, enriching your research strategy.
  • Create a cohesive brand feel with customizable invitations, survey themes and member portal.

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