Published Dec 08, 2021

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Heatmaps are a visual method of representing data that uses a system of color-coding to signify values and illustrate which areas of an image received the most respondent attention.

Heatmaps can provide valuable insights into the mind of an audience by better understanding what’s catching their eye.

By grouping respondent clicks into grid sections and displaying the density through the use of a color-coded scale, Heatmaps illustrate what elements of an image are capturing interest in an easy, digestible approach for researchers and non-researchers alike.

Heatmaps in Toluna Start

When building your survey, select the Heatmap icon

Add your Question Text, select either Single Choice or Multiple Choice and add your image

Once your image is added, and click

As a best practice, preview your question and survey to ensure your Heatmap question is displaying correctly


Use the SELECTION RANGE when building a Multiple Choice Heatmap and ask respondents to make a specific number of selections

PRO TIP: Leverage the customizable ENABLE OPT OUT RESPONSE option for respondents who may not have an opinion on your image


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