Hiding Respondents

Published Apr 29, 2021

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There are many different ways to manipulate and analyze data within the analytics dashboard. The Hide or Remove Respondents function provides capabilities to clean the data, which can lead to better overall report quality. Clean data can lead to improved decision-making processes, support better analytics, and all-around business intelligence.

With Hide or Remove Respondents a user can exclude select respondents, and run the analysis without that data. The user simply imports a list of GIDs as a .xls file to hide from the dashboard and report. Hidden respondents will be removed from all base size calculations, and all weights will adjust according to the updated base sizes. This will allow the user to customize analysis by selecting the appropriate “target” audience and give them more control over their data.

Whether the user wants to remove data from a test done internally via the Live survey link or remove non-value-add respondents’ answers from the report, the ability to Hide Respondents gives the flexibility to ensure the highest confidence and integrity in the numbers that may ultimately be the basis of important decisions.

How to Hide Respondents

Start our by selecting Respondent Data via the Export drop-down, and click Excel Values

This will download the Respondent Raw Data for you. Open the Excel document and identify the respondents you would like to remove using their respid or Respondent ID, which will be located in Column A of the export.

After you identify the respondents you would like to remove, upload those into a blank Excel document.

Once you have uploaded the respondents into the Excel document, navigate back to your reporting page and click on Hide Respondents which is located in the Analyze dropdown.

In the dashboard, go to Analyze and click on Hide Respondents

A pop-up menu will appear where you can upload the file for the GIDs you wish to remove.

Follow the prompts, click Apply, and these respondents will be removed from your data. To reinstate these people, select Reset to default in the Hide Respondents menu.

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