Naming Your Survey

Published Apr 29, 2021

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Naming your survey is a very simple task, but we have some suggestions on how you can optimize it within Toluna Start.

When you are building your survey, there are two places to fill in a survey name: Survey Name and Internal Survey Name. Let’s go through each one:

The Survey Name is the one that will be seen by respondents.

As a general rule, we recommend you keep the main survey name to a few words, and very generic. If you are running a survey about avocados, and only wish to have those who like avocados take this survey, you will not want to give away the subject of the survey in the title. This creates a bias and can invite unwanted or false responses. Instead, we recommend you name the survey “Food”. You can use a filter when building your questionnaire to screen out those who don’t like avocados.

The Internal Survey Name is useful for getting organized. You can fill in this section with anything because the respondents will not see this. For example, maybe you want to run the same survey named “Food”, with 6 different audiences. You can use the internal survey name feature to get more detailed and organized so you can spot the differences easier:

  • Food_Survey_1_Women18-25
  • Food_Survey_1_Women26-45
  • Food_Survey_1_Women55+
  • Food_Survey_1_Men18-25
  • Food_Survey_1_Men26-45
  • Food_Survey_1_Men55+
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