Reverse Masking

Published Dec 08, 2021

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Answer Masking is a technique that allows you to leverage respondents’ previously selected answers later in the survey. Perhaps you’d like to ask a follow-up question and gather more metrics, regarding the answer choices that were not selected. What should you do if you want to incorporate a respondent’s unselected answers into a later question in your survey?

With Toluna Start, users can leverage the Reverse Masking functionality to import a non-selected choice, or list of choices, from a question to the answer list of a later question, creating a seamless user experience and clean data set.

Adding Reverse Masking to your survey in Toluna Start:

For eligible questions, users can start by selecting “ADD PIPE/MASK”

Next, select the page and question you would like to start from and “REVERSE MASKING”

Click “Add” and watch as your question updates

Save your question and as a best practice preview your survey to ensure it is correct

PRO TIP: Use the Tool Tips identified by the “[?]” as a helpful reminder of each action


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