Published Dec 08, 2021

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Weighting is a statistical technique that can be used to correct any imbalances in sample profiles after data collection. Typically Weighting is used to either correct any sample imbalances, or to match the population profile using multiple variables in an effort to achieve a representative, or an alternative, sample.

With Toluna Start, Weighting is made simple. Users are able to apply custom RIM (Random Iterative Method) weights, per industry standard, using up to six demo or survey questions.

Weighting in Toluna Start

In the Toluna Analytics report for your survey, from the Analyze menu, select Weighting.

A pop-up window will appear, where users will see a list including any previously created weights, the option to Create weight, and the option to Import Weight

The most common application of the weighting feature will be Create weight, providing researchers and non-researchers alike, a simplified re-balance of their sample.

Users will then have the ability to create a custom RIM weight using up to six demographics and/or eligible survey questions by dragging and dropping the qualifying questions in their preferred hierarchical order and adding the preferred sample percentages in the Target fields.

After the weight is created, named, users will click Apply, then Save.

The weight will appear in the list where users can select Apply weighting.

Multiple Weighting schemes can be created and applied to reports, one at a time.

Once applied, a scale icon will appear next to the question text in the report as confirmation.


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