Top Food and Beverage Packaging Trends in China

Published Oct 18, 2021

Toluna Corporate

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Packaging has always been a critical component of success for food and beverage products. However, in a highly competitive and unique market like China, it’s easier said than done. Whether foreign or domestic, Food and Beverage brands must have a keen understanding of trends and evolving consumer needs to be successful in this market.

What are the critical attributes of a packaging design that will effectively capture the attention of the Chinese consumer? And what about Guochao, the widely known and discussed term that describes the incorporation of distinctive Chinese cultural elements and design?

To understand sentiment surrounding Food and Beverage packaging trends, KuRunData, the leading provider of real-time consumer insights in China under the Toluna group, conducted an in-depth study of 1,000 consumers from cities across China.

When asked how much product packaging influences purchase intent:

What specific information are they paying attention to? Beyond expiration date, health and nutrition claims are the top items that Chinese consumers look out for:

When it comes to the composition of the packaging itself, almost nine in ten are willing to buy products in sustainable packaging. Eco-friendly packaging, in particular, strikes a chord with consumers.

The rise in crossover collaborations between industries has led to a rise in special or limited edition packaging, and over 80% of respondents say they’re willing to buy these products:

Guochao, the term which describes the incorporation of distinctive Chinese elements, has been a hot topic in recent years. For domestic brands, appealing to this national pride and cultural trend has become an advantage in the marketplace.

Toluna is the parent company of KuRunData, the leading panel community in mainland China. Together, we deliver critical insights and information fast with cutting-edge digital research and technology, and push market research toward a better tomorrow.

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