Transforming With Consumers and the Insights Market

Published Apr 01, 2021

Jay Rampuria, EVP, Global Business & Corporate Development

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Keeping the pace of change in 2021 and beyond


Initially brought on by the pandemic, change continues to be a constant as we head further into 2021 and showing no signs of stopping soon. From day to day and week to week, consumers worldwide are re-evaluating and re-setting their wants, needs, and expectations across markets. If that sounds like a lot to keep up with, it is! This near-permanent flux has a profound impact on businesses and the consumer insights industry alike. Both have had to learn to anticipate and appropriately prepare for constant change — and further still — to predict upcoming patterns and trends whenever possible to gain a competitive edge.

There’s an urgent need to transform with the times, and partnerships are a top priority.

It’s not just consumers with changing needs and expectations — businesses are bringing them forward, too. Their ways of working have also changed dramatically, and so has what they want out of partners.

The days of a traditional client-business relationship have passed. The way forward is about companies integrating with business partners who feel like extensions of their own team.

From large and global to small, emerging businesses, companies are finding value in calling on true partners to leverage expert advice; benefit from information on existing market trends to stay competitive, and gain insights into emerging market trends to get ahead of the game.

What else does it mean to be a true partner? To today’s businesses, it means a few key things. Businesses expect innovation and value throughout the entire project lifecycle, as well as mutual trust with hands-on partners who truly understand their business, industry, and goals to drive success. Today’s partners must fully understand and be empathetic to the client’s market to effectively communicate, capitalize on, and even predict industry trends.

Today’s clients also want to be heard and understood more than ever before. That means taking their feedback to heart and adapting accordingly — which is exactly what we’ve done as we celebrate our 20th anniversary and beyond. We’re changing the way we do business because we’re in tune with the shifting marketplace, our global ecosystem, and most of all, our valued clients.

We continue to find new ways to provide value because while it’s true we’re a tech company that prioritizes cutting-edge innovation, we value long-lasting partner relationships even more. Count on us to stay consistent as a trusted resource, and know that our partners are at the heart of our sales transformation, and everything we do.

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