When Concepts go Wrong or Research Takes too Long

Published Apr 19, 2019

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It’s critical to any business that product launches succeed, so before bringing products to market we hear questions that range from ‘what ideas should I pursue?’ ‘what messages are more effective,’ and ‘what price should I consider selling my product for?’ These questions are all-important, leveraging consumer insights and putting data behind every decision.

That said, often we hear about businesses that forego the research process due to the following;

• Lack of Budget – many people feel they don’t have the proper resources to test ideas prior to launch.

• Lack of Time – often decision-making is necessary at an unparalleled speed.

• Lack of Expertise – typically decision-makers feel that they don’t have involvement from insights teams and therefore are unable to conduct research on their own.

• Lack of Awareness – many consider the need for consumer insight or feedback, but don’t fully understand what’s available in the market, and how it can help

These factors no longer need to keep marketers from doing the research required to ensure they are targeting the right consumers with the right messaging every time. The consumer insights needed to answer pressing business questions is now available easily, cost-effectively and in real-time through an end-to-end enterprise consumer insights platform, TolunaInsights.

Prevent your Product from Disaster!

We’ve all seen them. Marketing disasters. They’re fun to think about after the fact, and actually live on in the press long after they’ve left the market, however, when you’re the person who is responsible for driving a successful product introduction, new package, or advertising strategy for your company, the last thing you want to be known for is a mis-step, or worse yet, a failed product launch.

When It’s Done Right

Here’s a look at how some brand marketing turned uncertainty into success in real time:

• Pukka Pies, a popular UK brand, wanted to test NPD launch plans. Using Toluna’s PowerSuite (composed of PowerConcept, PowerPack and PowerShelf), the company’s brand marketing team was able to test eight product/packaging concepts against four key market segments, with insight gathered over a single weekend. By Monday the team had actionable insights it could share and a clearly marked road ahead. The insights they gathered helped them avoid any potholes along their path and they selected the winning concepts for broader launch in a period of days, not weeks or months as was once the norm.

• Just Eat is one of the world’s leading marketplaces for online food delivery. From humble beginnings in a Danish basement in 2001 to their 2014 listing on the London Stock Exchange, Just Eat now operates in 12 markets across the globe. The company is determined to take advantage of huge opportunities for growth, with its long-term ambition to virtually revolutionize the way people order and enjoy food. Toward that end and in one specific instance, marketers wanted to test two different TV advertising campaigns run on Spanish television. They needed the results to help them save time and advertising resources, helping them cement their leadership position in the fast-moving, ultra-competitive food delivery marketplace. Marketers looked to PowerConcept to give them an on-the-spot view of consumer reactions to the two ad campaigns they tested. The company tested brand awareness and consumer behavior both before and after viewing the ads. The advanced technology gave Just Eat marketers the real-time, reliable data they needed to support informed decision-making on what specific advertising deserved their time, attention and valuable resources. Armed with that information, the Just Eat team was able to take the right advertising path toward ensuring its leadership role in one of its key markets.

• Coca-Cola wanted to test consumer preferences in its Nordic market. Using PowerConcept, brand marketers were able to launch a survey comparing two products on a Friday, yielding 450 completes by Monday. The responses and built-in analytics gave them just the ammunition they needed to plan targeted marketing campaigns in the region.

Avoiding Disaster

As these success stories prove, advertising disasters can be easily and cost-effectively avoided. In one example of an advertising campaign that went awry, a beer manufacturer mounted a campaign to promote its light beer, using a tagline that some people viewed as racist. The tagline ignited a firestorm of reactions on social media.

This negative reaction was completely avoidable. Using Toluna’s fully integrated insights platform, the brand marketing team could have created a survey with a few simple questions that would have gauged reaction to the campaign. Then they could have accessed Toluna’s global community of consumers to build a targeted community of beer lovers who would have received the surveys. In a few short hours they would have had the information they needed, delivered through an automated infoboard highlighting key metrics and actionable insights. Just that easily, the brand marketing team could have avoided a situation that would have made any marketing team want to drown their sorrows.

Writing Advertising Success Stories

More and more companies are finding that, using Toluna’s integrated consumer insights platform, they can write their own success stories by gathering actionable consumer insights before they leap into a disastrous campaign.

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