Improving CX: Enhanced Technology for an Innovative User Experience

Published Jul 29, 2021

Toluna Corporate

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Customer experience (CX) includes every interaction a consumer has with a particular brand — not just for one purchase or study, but throughout the entire relationship.

Consider all of the touchpoints that can go into a single transaction, whether online or in-person. From marketing messaging to brand values, website or in-store browsing and shopping experience, and customer service to the quality of the product itself, there’s a lot to it. And these are only a handful of factors that influence a customer’s perception of a brand.

Businesses must keep a close eye on CX and brand perception, with planned CX improvements to stay relevant and competitive.

CX drives R&D innovation and unlocks new capabilities.

Here on our product development (PD) team, it’s up to our R&D experts to continually invest in and enhance the Toluna Start platform with CX in mind.

But how do we know what would enhance the user experience? By asking them directly. User feedback directly inspires solutions to real CX challenges, helping us provide a better experience to the clients that rely on our technology.

By focusing on our product and technology, the PD team can deliver a more seamless and innovative user experience that’s as simple and intuitive as possible.

Our latest CX enhancement makes DIY easier than ever.

We’ve covered what CX is and how user feedback drives innovation; now let’s take a look at our latest upgrades.

We’re introducing vast CX improvements to the Toluna Start platform to make DIY easier than ever before. It’s part of our commitment to making sure clients can self-serve easily and efficiently, putting our tech to work for them.

Our new offering stems from customers saying that they want a better handle on our wide range of capabilities and how they can benefit, as well as the ability to access this information whenever and wherever they need it.

That’s why we created Solutions Explorer — a full user interface (UI) addition to the platform. It’s a full-service, self-guided knowledge hub that offers clients the tools and assistance to better understand how to use them to their full advantage. This newly developed resource center delivers articles, demos, and examples of ways to use the platform with the goal of helping customers maximize their spend and unlock new opportunities.

The Solutions Explorer delivers more transparency and more DIY capability, featuring the most information we’ve ever made available in-platform. Customers can get a clear look at everything from the purpose of certain features to the setup process, key metrics, sample output, and more. From there, they can click to create directly into the wizard and have a solution up and running within minutes.

This is one of many planned CX upgrades our R&D pros are working on. Stay tuned, and reach out if you have ideas for platform enhancements to help you save time and unlock new possibilities.

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