Insights is the New Currency

Published Jun 07, 2021

Phil Ahad, Chief Digital Officer

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Introducing a new way of accessing the insights you need

2020 was a year of unprecedented market changes, with no signs of slowing down. The pace of change continues, and with it, consumer sentiment is evolving faster than ever before in ways that were previously unimaginable. Now it’s on businesses to keep up with the rapid shifts in 2021 consumers’ needs, desires, and behaviors. Companies must use consumer intelligence to inform their strategies or risk being left behind. In today’s fluctuating market, there’s an ongoing need for agility, flexibility, and real-time consumer understanding.

Now more than ever before, brands need agile insights solutions that deliver immediate value. 

It’s time to pivot and technology is leading the way.

The way people are working and what they expect has forever changed. There’s an increasing demand for quality, collaboration, and scalability. There’s also a growing need for efficiencies when purchasing research, with technology driving this change.

Simply put, the traditional, project-based market research model cannot keep up with the current demand. We continue to look for ways to accelerate the insights process and as the need for consumer intelligence is evolving, we must, too. That’s why we’ve embraced a new way forward by introducing the first on-demand custom research subscription offer designed to deliver the best value by providing seamless access to high-value technology, respondents, and services platform-based, and in real-time.

Introducing research on demand.

Think back to the days before streaming services. Remember planning your evening around a TV show that came on at a certain time? There was little choice involved. If you missed the show, there was no recording or streaming it. It can be hard to picture now, where almost every program is available with the press of a button and can be fast-forwarded, rewound, and watched as many times as you’d like.

Research as a subscription is kind of like that — an upgrade that ensures you won’t even miss the “old way” of working. It’s a new means of accessing the insights you need and designed to make the process faster, more flexible, and easier.  What’s more?  It’s only possible because Toluna Start is designed to deliver agile end-to-end insights at full global scale across any way you want work whether it is DIY or Fully Serviced or a hybrid of both.

The need for a new approach is driven by the need for agility at all times.  We’re introducing this new offering to help our clients better define their investment strategy and move their brands forward.

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