Improve your chances for success

With idea screening solutions, identifying ideas that are the most worthwhile is simple. Narrow down your list of budding ideas to the ones with the most potential for turning into products and services that meet market demands.

Pinpoint the Most Promising Ideas

Idea screening is a critical stage in the new product development process. Ranking the best ideas you've brainstormed so far makes it easier to isolate the concepts with the most chances for success and weed out the ones that may need more work. During this stage, your company is able to:

  • Stay on top of market trends

  • Strategize with your audience in mind

  • Evolve alongside leading competitors

Which early ideas will become the next big projects on the table? Toluna’s idea screening solution helps your team make informed decisions. Using a systematic assessment process, quickly find ideas to turn into strong concepts that align with your audience and brand.

Focus Your Efforts and Investments

Take some of the guesswork out of the process from the get-go with an idea screening solution. Honing your ideas early helps bring your company closer to success in the end. Avoid wasting time, effort, and valuable budget space on creating products/services that are unlikely to succeed.

Toluna’s screening methodology expands your view, bringing fresh perspectives to your team straight from your target audience. Using a leading-edge platform, you'll receive answers to critical questions and be better able to make informed decisions.

Focus Your Efforts and Investments

Learn from Your Target Audience

Easily see which ideas stand out among the rest. An online consumer survey can speak volumes. Choose from a simple, standardized method that better suits your business with key performance indicators (KPI) that include:

  • Relevance

  • Likeability

  • Distinctiveness

  • Paired comparisons for the winning preference

  • Like and dislike open ends

  • Believability

  • Brand Fit

Toluna’s KPI Dashboard makes it easy to create focused online surveys where consumers can tell you precisely what they want.

Learn from Your Target Audience

Innovate Based on the KPIs

Easily zero in on the best ideas from your team. Once data is collected, Our kpi scorecard will help you understand where each idea ranks vs the rest and which ideas to take forward. Identify:

  • Great ideas

  • Ideas that require fine-tuning

  • Ideas that need improvement

  • Poor ideas that shouldn't be taken further

Staying one step ahead of your competitors requires diligent research to understand the ever-evolving market. Using results from the idea screening test, you can better understand your consumers and which opportunities are most worth pursuing.

Innovate Based on the KPIs

Take Advantage of Toluna’s Idea Screening Solution

At Toluna, we can help make this part of the process simple and cost-effective. Set your organization up for a successful product launch – from the beginning – by using our idea screening solution. Schedule a demo to learn more about our tools for new product development today.

Take Advantage of Toluna’s Idea Screening Solution

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