Maximize your reach by discovering the best combination of products

Leverage range optimization with TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis to ensure the next big idea you bring to market is unique and increases sales. With Toluna's innovative research solution, you can find the best ways to position your products in order to drive category share and avoid cannibalizing current offerings.

Streamline Your Product Portfolio with Range Optimization

Does your product line need to evolve? Toluna's range optimization with TURF analysis solution allows you to efficiently and cost-effectively evaluate new product or service claims with your target audience. This helps you identify the areas with the greatest reach and pinpoint the areas for improvement.

Range optimization is critical when it comes to new product development. It helps manage your current portfolio as fresh products and services are added into the mix. By using Toluna's innovative solution, your company can determine:

  • If the introduction of a new product will hurt sales of existing items

  • If certain areas of your portfolio are still worth your time

Streamline Your Product Portfolio with Range Optimization

Discover the Scope of Your Audience’s Willingness to Buy

Your market consists of products, features, and messages — all of which need to resonate with consumers. Using the results from Toluna’s range optimization solution, you can make several impactful decisions:

  • Determine the maximum product lineup to reach the broadest population

  • Establish which marketing and messaging campaigns connect most with customers

  • Identify which subset of services produces the greatest ROI and affords you the best opportunity to focus on operations

Discover the Scope of Your Audience’s Willingness to Buy

Gain Detailed Consumer Insights with a TURF Analysis

Understand why customers want a particular item or service and how frequently they need to buy. Toluna's TURF analysis solution focuses on two key metrics: purchase intent and purchase frequency.

Our research platform is designed for quality and efficiency. Range optimization surveys may include approximately 20 products and be distributed to at least 200 respondents via matrix or ratings. These surveys feature a stimulus — images, text, or both — and weigh consumer reaction to help you gauge interest and reach.

Utilize the Results to Elevate Your Business

Gather the data from your range optimization / TURF analysis research and apply it to your product and brand lineups. These valuable insights can improve your company’s practices in numerous ways, such as:

  • Enhancing the range of customers you reach with specific services or product lines

  • Reducing the number of products or services in your portfolio without compromising capacity and brand appeal

  • Locating the incremental value and point of diminishing return for each new service or product

Utilize the Results to Elevate Your Business

Turn to Toluna for Range Optimization and TURF Analysis

At Toluna, award-winning research design and expertise make range optimization and TURF analysis a stress-free process. Quickly and cost-effectively review new products and service claims with your consumer audience. Schedule a demo to learn how we use relevant consumer insights to power successful product developments.

Turn to Toluna for Range Optimization and TURF Analysis

Gain Detailed Consumer Insights in Real-Time with Range Optimization / TURF

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