Find out what your target audience thinks

Take the guesswork out of consumer motives and go directly to the source. Live discussions with your target audience can garner insights on consumer behavior and help keep your brand on the cutting-edge of innovation.

Live Discussion Groups Speak Volumes

Go beyond the scope of your team and learn exactly what your target market thinks. Live discussion groups can provide valuable insights about current products, marketing campaigns, competitors, and much more. They can also be used to crowd-source ideas for updated features and even the next big product or service from your brand.

  • Choose topics for discussion

  • Send surveys that yield targeted responses

  • Present video, audio, and content to respondents

  • Analyze feedback and use it to your advantage

Live Discussion Groups Speak Volumes

Strike Up a Conversation in Minutes

Toluna makes launching an online discussion platform for qualitative research simple. Connect with your community on a broad scale or focus on micro-segments — our tools put the people who matter most at the forefront of your discussions and keep you in the driver's seat.

  • Create your forum: Toluna Start's intuitive wizard lets you customize the discussion experience to ensure it complies with your brand's guidelines.

  • Select your audience: Leverage our global panel of over 36 million or recruit your own respondents to gain the insights you need.

  • Discuss: Engage directly with your community to discover the answers to your most crucial questions.

You can also create fully-featured enterprise communities that foster long-term engagement. Toluna Communities let you create a trusted branded environment where your target audience can feel free to share their true thoughts and opinions.

Strike Up a Conversation in Minutes

Unlock Actionable Insights

Using our live discussions platform, you'll gain real-time qualitative and quantitative insights on an ongoing basis. Through your guidance, the conversation is always on topic and you're receiving only the information your company needs. Once the results are in, you'll learn several things about your customers, such as:

  • Preferences on product features

  • Views on specific services

  • Perceptions of your brand based on marketing

Advanced data visualization options and analysis tools make it easy to interpret the results. Plus, the reports on live discussions generate instantly, ensuring you receive updates that seamlessly coincide with your project's timeline.

Incorporate Feedback

Take what you've learned through the world's largest social voting community and use those insights to your advantage. Detailed insights deliver valuable information for crafting the exceptional products and services that consumers expect from your brand.

As your industry's landscape evolves, ongoing support from your target audience is invaluable. A continual source of feedback directly from consumers helps ensure your products and services continually align with their needs and your brand remains at the forefront of the market.

Incorporate Feedback

Learn More About Communities and Live Discussions

Dig deeper into what your target audience truly thinks with Toluna's online discussion platform. The process is simple with our streamlined design. Schedule a demo to learn more about creating live discussions within the Toluna Start platform.

Learn More About Communities and Live Discussions

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