Toluna Introduces QSphere: A New Standard in End-to-End Quality Assurance for survey market research

Published Jun 20, 2024

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Toluna Introduces QSphere: A New Standard in End-to-End Quality Assurance for survey market research

London, 20 June 2024 – Toluna, the leading global insights technology and panel provider, has announced the launch of QSphere, a comprehensive suite of quality protocols designed to elevate every aspect of their work. QSphere embodies and elevates Toluna’s holistic approach to quality, integrating human intelligence and AI across respondent recruitment and management, research, and platform processes to ensure the highest standards in data integrity and reliability.

The introduction of QSphere underscores Toluna’s dedication to instilling deeper client trust through investment in the latest technology and expertise, which ultimately leads to transparent and robust end-to-end quality measures. As a result, we now reject over 30% more survey attempts at the pre-survey stage than 12 months ago. This saves clients valuable time in the post-survey data cleaning phase while ensuring the highest quality of data and empowering clients to make better data-driven decisions.

Real-time algorithms use AI and machine learning-based device, behavior, and identity checks as part of a multi-layered fraud defense system to vet respondents. Automated research execution tools, quality checks, and AI-driven data cleaning are complemented with human monitoring and data verification to ensure impeccable data quality.

Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO of Toluna, commented: “As the next step in our ‘AI Everywhere’ strategy, QSphere consolidates years of stealth developments at Toluna. It reflects our ongoing commitment to quality across our entire business and provides the end-to-end trust in data and processes that clients crave. By ensuring our best-in-class quality controls are ‘always-on’, we provide our clients with the utmost confidence in their data integrity. This holistic and integrated approach to quality allows us to deliver unparalleled insights and support smarter decision-making for our clients.”

Already active and operating to protect and enhance outputs for all current and future clients, QSphere is the quality standard that is built into all Toluna work, providing unparalleled assurance.

For more information about QSphere and Toluna’s commitment to continuous quality enhancements, please visit

About Toluna

Toluna empowers leading brands and agencies to conduct research without limits by unifying the best of technology, the best of research science, the best of global panel, and made-to-measure service to scale your business.

Toluna is powered by 2650 employees worldwide, delivering critical insights in over 90 markets to over half of the Fortune 500. Together, we strive to push the field of market research toward a better tomorrow.

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