Spot the market opportunities with maximum potential

With a needs identification solution, you can conduct a thorough customer analysis to guide the way forward. Gain a better understanding of your market and discover where there's room to grow.

Meet Your Target Audience

What motivates your target audience to seek out your products or services? Need identification is vital in the product development phase. To uncover what's most important to the consumer and unlock your brand's potential, get better acquainted with your audience:

  • Figure out which consumer needs are unmet

  • Learn which needs are most compelling

  • Discover where you can make the most impact

As consumer needs evolve, so should your offerings. Our needs identification solution for this phase of the product development cycle helps streamline the research process.

Turn Concepts into Thriving Products

Understanding the areas where you can address targeted needs can ensure you're developing cutting-edge products relevant to today's consumer. Market research is a fundamental step in this process.

A preliminary analysis makes it easy to find out which features people need and which products will perform the best. Using Toluna’s needs identification solution, pinpoint gaps in the market and develop a list of ideas that are worth your time and investment.

Turn Concepts into Thriving Products

Tap into Your Target Audience

There's always room to grow — let us provide the tools to get you there. Our Needs identification solution narrows down specific ways your brand can take advantage of potential opportunities. Standard and modular options offer several key performance indicators (KPI), including:

  • Relevance

  • Custom questions/statements

  • Distinctiveness

  • Like and dislike open ends

  • And more…

Toluna’s KPI Dashboard provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to tailor your survey accordingly.

Tap into Your Target Audience

Evaluate Your Data

Analyzing needs can translate into useful features and products that are on point. Once your research is complete, data is compiled in an easy-to-read format. Now, your product development team can discern between the needs with the most and least potential:

  • Organize the data you've collected

  • Reflect on how to adapt existing offers to better address consumer needs

  • Create new products/services to meet new/changing needs

Let the consumer lead the way. Broadening your team's perspective using innovative, real-time research methods can help streamline the beginning stages of your early ideas.

Evaluate Your Data

Explore Our Needs Identification Solution

A successful product launch depends on a deeper understanding of what needs are out there. Let Toluna help you find out exactly the changing needs and trends that your products need to fulfil for your target audience. To learn more about how our tools can positively affect your brand and your bottom line, schedule a demo today.

Explore Our Needs Identification Solution

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