Quality is at the forefront of our daily activities: Committed panelists delivering reliable data

Published Oct 26, 2020

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Toluna’s mission goes far beyond the supply of data: it’s about providing our customers with quality insights, enabling easier, faster and confident decision-making.

Why the Toluna community?

Toluna continually invests in its community and in technological innovations to simplify, facilitate and accelerate access to insights. Diversifying recruitment sources, expanding the geographic scope of our community and strengthening our commitment are our priorities. Our regular investments provide access to a premium panel of diversified and representative profiles in 70 countries around the world.

What makes the Toluna community unique?

We provide precise targeting services with more than 30 million members and up to 400 profile points. Staying connected to your audiences at all times is essential, especially in times of crisis, as behaviours, thoughts and needs are constantly changing. Technological innovations bring new possibilities and flexibility in surveying. Access to our global, premium, powerful community is thus possible in complete autonomy or with the support of our experts—immediate answers on the feasibility of a survey in order to save time from the beginning of the project, etc.

Not only do we provide quality insights, we also work to provide available and committed panelists.

How to ensure community involvement?

Thanks to our large global team of lifecycle marketing managers, we manage the world’s largest online social voting platform where our Influencers can interact with each other, complete online surveys, play fun games, participate in live forums, create topics/opinions and do so much more. The Toluna community is available in 50 countries around the world and animated via our digital platforms (website, app), monthly magazines, as well as frequent engagement campaigns and initiatives. There are many opportunities to exchange and engage with our Influencers—with a truly proactive approach. By providing an enjoyable, rewarding user experience, more Influencers are mobilising and providing feedback more quickly, allowing us to better analyse data and trends in real-time.

Our members can be interviewed for both quantitative and qualitative surveys, participating in co-creative approaches. With the launch of our new mobile application in April 2020, ‘Toluna Influencers,’, we have diversified our actions with Influencers to better track their needs, wants, habits and practices. More than just a new and improved survey platform, the launch of our new app has also further strengthened the diversity and quality of our panel.

What quality controls have been implemented?

  1. Strict quality controls at each important stage of a community member’s lifecycle (pre-registration, post-registration, survey completion, post-reward), as well as rules for avoiding over-solicitation, have been implemented.
  2. An improved survey design with an optimised multi-device questionnaire is available to clients. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to accompany and train our clients on the optimisation of their questionnaires in order to obtain higher quality results.
  3. Proactive measures are systematically offered to our clients to ensure respondent engagement. These allow the custom activation of one or more modules:
    • Speeders
    • Straight-liners
    • Red Herrings
    • Open-ends
    • Post-fieldwork monitoring/controls
    • Specific tracking for recurring surveys and trackers

    We have also developed an algorithm that allows us to combine all of these controls ‘live’ in the field in order to remove unengaged respondents in real-time.

  4. Modules have been coupled with many complementary techniques:
    • Bot detection systems
    • Digital fingerprinting
    • reCAPTCHA
    • Encrypted survey links
    • Toluna fraud intelligence, used to restrict poor quality IP addresses, ‘spoofed locations,’ mismatching device data

For us, quality depends as much on technical and/or human controls as it does on the commitment of the community. It is the combination of the two that ensure quality insights, reliable and professional results and meets our mission to support and satisfy our clients on a daily basis.

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